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Q1) What is the role of a loan consultant like VSL?

Loan Consultants like VSL are intermediaries and the “go-between” that links you to a prospective financier by mediating between you and the banks to help you with your secured and unsecured financing needs.

Our key role is to ensure the smooth running of the entire loan application process, starting from the initial assessment of client’s loan requests, all the way to the facilitation of the actual loan disbursement while providing key market information to help our clients craft out the best loan strategies and enjoy the best rates.

While we have a close working relationship with banks and financial institutions, we are not employed by any banks or financial intuition and hence not binded to them. This means we will always be on your side and ensure that you get the best loan program with the highest loan quantum and lowest interest rates possible with a suitable repayment structure.

Q2)  What kind of lenders are VSL dealing with?

Apart from the mainstream banks, we also have direct access to a network of non-bank lenders, who are well-established in the alternative financing industry.  The network of financial institutions (FIs) consists of SGX mainboard listed companies, private lending companies with substantial shareholdings held by the local banks and wholly-owned subsidiary of foreign conglomerates. 

Q3) Why do borrowers choose FIs?

1. Borrowers choose to borrow from FIs with the help of our experienced loan consultants especially if:

2. A bank has already denied the borrower’s request for a loan.

3. The borrower needs funding quickly.|

4. The borrower doesn’t want to go through the lengthy application process at a bank.

The borrower can still obtain secured financing loans when he has issues with his credit, income, previous bankruptcy history and/or possible foreclosure of their existing banking facilities.


Q4) The following summarizes the key features of the property loans granted by the FIs:

a) Approval is primarily based on the value of the real estate collateral

b) Credit Bureau (“CBS”) Rating is of secondary importance and merely used as a reference during the loan assessment.

c) Minimal documentation requirements

d) Fast approval process with application outcome known within 3 to 5 working days

e) Flexible repayment terms and structure, which includes interest -servicing scheme

Q5) Can VSL help to arrange a second mortgage on my commercial &/or residential property?

Yes, we have successfully helped some of our clients secure such mezzanine financing facilities throughour network of private lenders

Q6) Can FIs extend the secured property loan program to foreign nationals?

Yes, we have successfully secured property loans for both local citizens and foreign nationals. The key for secured loan

programs with FIs lie not in the nationality of the applicant but more so on the value of the property used as collateral.


Q7) Do you charge any upfront fee?

We believe in adhering to the common industry practice and DO NOT collect any deposit or upfront fee from clients.
All we need is a signed engagement form issued by client authorizing us to commence the loan application immediately on client’s behalf. 

Q8) What are the fees charged by VSL?

Loan consultants like us are paid a fee-per case basis as we are not under the employment of any banks and FIs.
In exchange for his services, a loan consultant typically quotes a commission which is usually calculated based on a percentage (typically within the range of 3-5%) of your approved loan amount. The fees quoted are based upon certain variables such as the targeted loan size, complexity of the case and the financial position of the applicant company.

In such performance based remuneration structure, the interest of the borrower and broker are aligned as the broker must put in the work upfront to source and negotiate for the best financing deal to get paid. You should also be made aware that if your company or yourself have multiple credit issues such as previous adverse credit records, low annual revenue, loss making, weak cash flow position, etc, it would be difficult to negotiate for lower broker fees since the broker needs to put in additional man-hours and effort to address and mitigate these issues to potential lenders in order to secure an approval.


Q9) How do I start the loan application process?

After contacting us (link to email), our team will make an appointment to meet you at your office to understand your funding requirements. 

Simply prepare your personal documentation, company financial reports and property related info (if any) and we will quickly review this information to propose a suitable loan program (with an in-principle approval from the banks / FIs) within a short 48 hours.

Q10) What documents do you need to start the process?

Some of the standard documents required are:

1. Audited Financial Reports for last 2 years
2. Latest Management Accounts
3. Bank statements for past 6 months
4. NRIC / passport copies of directors/ borrowers / mortgagors
5. Latest Notice of Assessment
6. Credit Bureau Report
7. Latest outstanding bank loan statement (if applicable)
8. Latest CPF statement for property usage (if applicable)
9. Tenancy Agreement, if applicable
10. Copy of Title Deed (for unencumbered property)