Thanks to our experienced team with decade-long experience in SME and real-estate lending, we now have ready access

to quality deal flows, strategic relationships with various banks & alternative financial institutions, law firms, property

appraisal companies and even mortgage brokers (who provide referrals to us despite being our competitors),

real estate professionals and other business professionals.

Let VSL help you take full advantage of the current credit conditions in the real estate market and contact our loan

specialists today for the best options available for your capital requirements!  




Unsecured Business Term Loan

Looking for extra funds for better management of your working capital or expansion of your current business without having to pledge your personal &/or company assets as collateral?


The most common funding solution requiring no personal or business asset as collateral, such business term loan can range

between $50k and $500k, repayable over a fixed equal installment plan between 36 and 60 months.   


However, the borrower for such unsecured loans will be required to evidence operational history of at least 2 years with

minimum annual turnover of $300k and healthy bank balance records.  In the absence of the above, the lender will take on

more of the risk involved in granting the loan and therefore, demands a higher interest rate, with simple annual interest rate

between 3.5% and 6% p.a. (effective interest rate about 6.5% to 11%).


Most banks & financial institutions will usually take 2 weeks (and even up to 1 month for more complex cases) to process a

loan application. Here at VSL, you can expect our knowledgeable consultants to help you in expediting the entire application

process due to our experience and familiarity with the credit process and parameters of the lender. 



 SME Working Capital Loan

 SME owners can now take your business further and get rid of cash flow problems immediately! Get greater access to unsecured working capital loans of up to S$300,000 over a 5-year tenure, through the SME Working Capital Loan.

 Introduced during Budget 2016, this is the one of the government assisted financing scheme to help the local SMEs to gain access additional financing to cope with larger working capital and cash flow needs for their daily operations. Enterprise Singapore partners with 13 participating banks and financial institutions with co-sharing of 50% of loan default risks in the event of company insolvency. VSL can provide your company with a direct comparison on all banks rates and eligibility terms.

 Note: This loan program will only be available till 31 May 2019 


SME Micro Loan

Daily Operations and cash flow requirements are critical for small companies that are just starting out. Another government

initiative to help our local start-ups, make use of the SME Micro Loan to gain access of up to $100K of working capital to 

help you better manage your cash flow, daily operations and even purchase factory equipment. 


Talk to us about how to grow your business to the next level today!


Professional Start Up Loan (Medical Doctors & Dental Surgeons)


Whether you are right out of medical school or a seasoned medical professional planning to start your own practice,

our Professional Start Up Loans that are specially designed to assist medical professionals who are aspiring

to start or grow their own medical/dental practice will definitely be able to meet your needs.






Equipment Financing Loans (Vessel financing included)


Upgrade or purchase your equipment with our equipment financing loans. Whether you are looking to automate your

business, scale your production or upgrade/retrofit old equipment, we have a loan that will meet your needs.


In addition, we support vessel financing under this category of loans and can help you finance the growth of your fleet by

borrowing up to 70% of the market value of your vessel to help you lighten your load and manage your monthly cash flow.



Invoice Financing Loans (Factoring)

Looking for an easy and quick way resolve some short term cash flow issues in your business?

Searching for a fast loan option to cash in on opportunities in front of you?

Instead of waiting for your business partners to pay you back in 60 or 90 days’ time,

why not check out our invoice financing loans?

Leverage on your business’s existing cash flow by releasing capital immediately from outstanding invoices with these loans.


Equity / Shares Financing Loans


Expand your business/investment portfolio and increase your financial flexibility through our portfolio financing program

secured by range of collaterals which includes approved local and overseas company stocks and shares at attractive interest

rates from as low as 6.5% p.a.!




Commercial Property Loans


Cashflow and speed are crucial in the business of commercial real estate.

Whether you are looking to refinance your existing commercial property loans (to a lower interest rate) or to fund

your purchase of a retail unit, an office space or even an industrial warehouse, VSL Equity will ensure that your

existing &/or next commercial property investment will be funded with ease.



Enjoy up to 70% LTV at an attractive interest rates from as low as 2.75% p.a. with our commercial property loan options!

Residential Property Loans

Application for residential loans can be a pleasant, hassle-free experience. Whether you are looking to purchase your dream

house, grow your existing property portfolio or even refinancing your existing mortgage loans for a lower interest rate &/or

better terms, you can be assured of fuss-free transactions, fair terms, quick funding with VSL Equity.


 Equity Term Loans (Star Product!)


Unable to qualify for any business term loans or any unsecured loans due to other existing financial obligations, bad credit

history or even pending litigation cases?

Why not consider an Equity Term Loan?

A very popular choice with our customers due it its ease and flexibility, an equity term loan allows you to refinance your

existing  property loans to any of our extensive network of lenders in order to get an equity term loan (up to 80% of your

property value) to ease your business working capital or personal funding needs.



Bridging Loans


The purchase of property can be a long drawn process and financials can be tight in between transactions before you receive

your proceeds of sale.


If you have just sold your commercial &/or private residential property but need immediate access the sales proceeds

(because completion date is usually 3 months later), let VSL Equity assist you with that via a Bridging Loan right after the


Option-to-Purchase is being exercised by the buyer. 


With a Bridging Loan, you will be able to use the sales proceeds to complete the purchase of your next new property or any

 other business &/or personal use during this 3-month window period whichever. 


Process is hassle free and no repayment is required until the sale of your property is completed.